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Putting My Foot Down on Pigeons
How to Win Arguments with Birds


Robert Winter
Monogamy and Football
Startling New Insights Into Neural Pathways


Robert Winter
Outing Measure A
My Attempt to Speak Truth to Power


Robert Winter
Can the Art of Driving Be Recovered?
Selected Vehicular BehaviorsNominated for Oblivion


Robert Winter
Headlines We Should Be Seeing
Spoof News from Around the Globe


Stephen Phillips
Where Do Pens Go?
A Philosophical Exploration


Susan Odgers
Cashing in on Self-Help for East Bloc Folks
My Proposed Contribution to Solving the Balance of Payments Problem


Robert Winter
An "Emotional" Subject
(But You'll Have to Guess Which One)


Robert Winter
Savoring my Leisure
Fishing and Other Exploits


Stephen Phillips
Memorable for Odd Reasons
On the Peculiar Allure of Small Business Names


Robert Winter
SUVs for Beginners
New Variants on the Concept of "Wretched Excess"


Stephen Phillips
Joints R Us
On Medical Over-Specialization


John Marran
The Kinder, Gentler S&L Bailout That Might Have Been
On Bush The Elder's Original Proposal


Robert Winter
Sweating to the Oldies
'Cuz Shaping Up is Hard to Do


Stephen Phillips
A Whimsical Look at Shopping Malls and Mental Health


Robert Winter
A "Consuming" Irritation
I'd Rather You Called Me "Wifflebrain"


Robert Winter