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 People are losing their grasp of what the various lanes are for.

Even something as obvious as a left-turn lane now seems to be beyond the comprehension of some people. These folks will do 95% of their slowing down in the fast lane of traffic, and when they finally come to a stop, they’re still got about a third of their vehicle sticking out into the fast lane.

Do they think they’re running bases--where what matters is just that somewhere in the course of things, you have to touch a toe on the prescribed spot?

Then there are the people who drive in the left lane because…well, I don’t know, maybe they just like the view from there so much that they slow down to better enjoy it.

These blithe souls can be found tootling along at 15 miles under the speed limit in what’s supposed to be the fast lane, serenely unconcerned with the wildly metastasizing clot of traffic backed up behind them.

They often appear perplexed why other drivers they encounter can't be as placidly cheerful as they are.