The new exposition structure turned out to also have benefits for writers. 

I found that the new exposition structure also made my own job easier as a writer.  

Instead of having to constantly worry about what was the right level of detail for a "typical" reader (who I'd never actually met), I could just break out the details into supporting modular units,  and let individual readers  choose for themselves whether they wanted to read a given section or not.

In addition, I found that I could easily combine sections of my existing writing with other pieces of writing, whether existing or newly-created, to support new ideas on other topics.

You'll see all of these techniques demonstrated as you explore Notes in a Bottle.  

You'll also see suggestions of an approach to publishing where instead of having to worry about which periodical to submit their work to (and for time-sensitive material, maybe miss out on a chance to submit it anyplace else), writers could just put their work in a common place and format on the web, and in return for some form of payment, allow anyone to visually "include" it (via linking) in a more sophisticated electronic version of a magazine.