Walkway at the Getty Center
Robert Winter, 2005

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
40" x 30"

Giclee Print:   $750
On Sheet Canvas, Unframed

Framed Original:   Not currently for sale



Artist's Notes

The overhead structure in this walkway is actually a little more pale and subdued than I've depicted it here, but because colors of this type are so unexpected in institutional public architecture, the net effect is just as startlingly vibrant.

Modern architecture like this just somehow fits Los Angeles--and always has.

What also struck me about this scene was the juxtaposition of the wriggly and somewhat random shapes of nature, particularly in the vines, against the cool rectilinear precision of the structure.

It's like seeing a small bit of the "spark of life" jumping out of the abstract principles of physics undergirding our universe.

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