Residential Street,

Robert Winter, 2004 

JPG_Azusa_Street.jpg (98845 bytes)

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
18" x 24"

Giclee Print:   $400
On Sheet Canvas, Unframed

Framed Original:  Not currently for sale



Artist's Notes

This is one of my favorite paintings to date.

Among other things, I like the balance between the almost-abstract overall composition and the relatively fine detailing in the houses, the structures in the park, the backlit foliage of the nearest tree, etc.

 It also captures a certain clarity of light in California winters, which gives the foliage a distinctive sparkle.

But more than that, I think this painting appeals to my Dutch side.  I relate very strongly to the way the painters of the Dutch Renaissance found the transcendent within the mundane.

On one level, this scene is about as ordinary and everyday as you can get.  There are thousands of residential streets in Southern California that look just like this one. 

Yet there’s something about it—in the burnished colors and their contrasts, in the play of light and shadow and the backlighting “haloes,” in the straightforward directionality and implied movement of the street—that I find magical.

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