Elizabeth Warren
Effects of Addressing Toxic Gigantism (or Failing to)

With Warren charged with coming up with innovative and well-thought out plans, and Biden and Harris using their political acumen to discern and energetically promote the ones they feel have the best chances of acceptance, a lot of progress toward a healthier economic and social environment could be made in a relatively short span of time.

Just having taken the initiative to recognize the issue of pervasive gigantism, and then started to take corrective action, could count for quite a bit in the public’s estimation (and votes).

Every gain that can be made along these lines will diminish the attraction of the type of toxic, tear-it-all-down tribalism Donald Trump propagates.  And bear in mind, we can’t reasonably expect to rid ourselves of the ills Trump has polluted our political system with just by evicting one bad tenant from the White House.  Unless we can do something to counteract the oppressive gigantism of scale that makes people feel ragefully insignificant—to the point where they virtually foam at the mouth in their eagerness to join an exploitive demagogue’s demolition crews—there are bound to be others like him.

Many others.  And in all likelihood, Trump’s successors in this tradition will not be quite so buffoonishly inept as he is.  They will be more dangerous. 

We may not have much time to stop them, so it’s not too soon to begin mapping out a plan to identify and treat the boils and sores on the body politic—and in the process, deprive politicians of Trumpian ilk of a favored place to attach themselves.

Can you name anyone better suited than Elizabeth Warren to replace the current babble of dysfunctional psychodrama with reality-based observations and commonsense solutions that actually improve our world?