toy car
 Maybe we'd all mind our road manners better if we could just see one another's faces.

Given the tendency for human aggression to increase in anonymity, maybe what we really need to improve road courtesy and safety is just a better way for drivers to eyeball one another.

It would be in keeping with the spirit of our age if we could somehow come up with a neat technological solution--say, something with  buttons and a screen, and that intoxicating new-electronics smell you find in places like Best Buy.

What about those fancy back-up video cameras they’re starting to install in upscale new SUVs?  Maybe what we should really do is turn them around the other way.

How about if we required every vehicle to project a live image of its driver’s face onto a four-way rooftop screen?  It could be like those rooftop signs on pizza delivery cars, only fully wired for video, and visible from all directions

Think about it:  there’s a limit to how revolting most people's behavior will be, when they can see and be clearly seen by all the other folks they're outraging.

And if even that doesn’t work, there are probably ways we could escalate further.

Personally, I’d vote for adding a bad driver’s cell phone number to the display.