toy car
 The tiniest cars now try to outmuscle huge trucks.

I’ve had to rent significant-sized trucks a couple of times recently for household hauling chores, and after seeing how the cars on the road treated me, I came away wondering why all truckers don’t walk around gibbering through full-on nervous breakdowns.

I would dutifully put on a blinker and attempt to carefully move my rented behemoth into a large open space to the right--only to find myself blocked, at the last possible moment, by somebody who had accelerated furiously to zip into a spot where I was nearly blind.

Hey, buddy, I meant the blinker as a courtesy--not a dare!

Even for those who may be indifferent to the niceties of vehicular courtesy, to aggressively challenge something so many times your size it could easily crush you without even knowing it--and to do this from behind, where the odds are good it can’t see you--makes about as much sense as aggressively pedaling a tricycle into a herd of stampeding elephants.