ocean3.jpg (4306 bytes)  Notes in bottles transform separators into connectors.


Although placing a note in a bottle has always been a way of challenging isolation, the origins of this condition have changed over time. 

In the past, isolation was imposed largely by oceans.  In those days the seas played a dual role:  if you were fortunate enough to have a ship, the oceans gave you access to the most far-flung points on the globe;  if you didn't have one, the water was as absolute a barrier as could be imagined.  A bottle was the attempt of the less favorably situated to use the ocean in the same manner as the well-positioned--i.e., as a connector rather than as a separator.

In our age, the media function very much as oceans once did, bringing us news and reports from the farthest reaches of the earth.  But like the seas in earlier eras, the media also isolate those who don't have "vessels."


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