Leadership eventually passed to Landolfo's brother.

After Landolfo Cotta’s death, Arialdo of Carimate was left with the leadership of the pataria.  Although his prestigious family background and education lent considerable stature to the already rather obvious moral authority of his cause, Arialdo could see that more than moral persuasion would be required to dislodge a man like Guido.

In 1063, he prevailed upon someone who was intimately familiar with the practical exercise of power to assume leadership of the pataria.  The man was Landolfo’s brother.

Erlembaldo Cotta was a military commander rather than a priest or theologian, but still a deeply pious man.  He had recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and was preparing to enter a monastery when Arialdo persuaded him to devote himself to service of a different kind.