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(Scenes from a corporate conference room)


The president turned slowly
In his high-backed swivel chair
He held the report
In his manicured hand
In the well-conditioned air

His reflection held it once again
In the table's burnished wood
The veepees turned to listen
The president said, "Good."

The barometric pressure
In the room began to rise
As the breath of a dozen
Brilliant men breathed out
In a dozen sighs

"This plan is well-researched," he said.
Marketing took a modest bow.

"Can we sell it, Fred?" The president asked
Sales then told him how

How in one brief year this market
They would share with no one else
The charts came out to prove it
It was gold on a dealer's shelf.

"Can we fund it?"
Finance said, "We can."
"We can make it," said Production.
Advertising showed its plan
For a foolproof introduction

"It's a product the market is waiting for,
The numbers all look right.
Okay, boys, let's do it,

Competition is in for a fight."

For a year and a day the product lay
Like mold on the dealers' shelves.
The veepees met with recruiters
(They had to look out for themselves)

And one fine day the president turned
To his new veepees and said,
"This report is well-researched,
Can we sell this product, Ted?"


                                                            --Jim Boring, 2002



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