duck4.jpg (7239 bytes)  According to the prevailing iconography, it's column right for men, column left for women.

By significant margins, men are becoming more Republican and conservative, while women are shifting more to the Democrats and liberals.   This has become in essence a meta-issue, a cultural surround, a kind of force-field that almost anybody can tap into. 

How to explain its power?

For men, we need look no farther than the extent to which Republicans and conservatives have succeeded in depicting government as testosterone-hostile, and Corporate America as testosterone-friendly. 

Business has come to be portrayed as almost the wellspring of contemporary society’s male energy—a wonderfully rough-and-tough activity, but also a fair one—in essence, like a football game.   Government, on the other hand, is depicted as an unnaturally powerful and meddling female figure, who not only doesn’t understand what the game is about, but keeps messing it up with a lot of invasive, woman-ish requirements:  don’t get your uniform dirty, don’t push so hard, give the littler and weaker kids equal playing time, and so forth. 

Given the prevalence and acceptance of this underlying imagery, it’s a wonder Democrats and liberals still manage to get any male voters at all.



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