Clearing and Trees,
Late Day

Robert Winter, 2006 

Acrylic on Canvas Board
18" x 24"

Giclee Print:   $400
On Sheet Canvas, Unframed

Framed Original:   Not currently for sale

Artist's Notes

The first things you notice about this painting might well be the blue of the grasses in the middle ground, or the glimpses of hexagonal shapes in the trees at the upper right.

Actually, most of the painting was done with simple reds, blues, and yellows--even the branch in the foreground.  Hexagonal shapes also appear throughout the painting, including that same branch in the foreground, most of the clusters of foliage, and even the sun in the background.

Hexagons speak of chemistry and physics to me, whether in the shapes of the molecules of plants and other organic matter, or in the "light leaks" you  get when you point a camera toward the sun. 

The three primary colors likewise have associations with the scientific principles underlying everyday experience.

I stressed these themes because I wanted you to look a little deeper with me into an ostensibly very ordinary scene (grasses, a branch, a few trees), and contemplate the incredible interplay of natural forces needed to create and sustain life on this planet of ours.